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Hannah Grene 'Book review: Jernej Letnar Cernic, Human Rights Law and Business: Corporate Responsibility for Fundamental Human Rights' Human Rights Law Review 2011: doi: 10.1093


Hannah Grene ‘The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises as a Human Rights Tool’ Trocaire Development Review (November 2009)


Hannah Grene, International Human Rights Network, ‘Human rights in the workplace: the effect of the recession’, Public Sector Review: International Development, Issue 13 (Spring 2009)

Hannah Grene ‘Book review: Human Rights and Corporations ed: David Kinley’ European Journal of Migration and Law, Volume 11(4), 2009 , pp. 427-430. icon Download file (97.15 kB)


Hannah Grene, ‘Corporate Accountability’ in ‘Human Rights:Year in Review 2008’, The International Lawyer, Vol 43 (2009), icon Download file (455.56 kB)


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