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Trócaire - The role of the Irish private sector in Africa

Trócaire commissioned Barncat to conduct research on the role of the Irish private sector in Africa, and the role and responsibilities of the Irish government in shaping that engagement. This involves looking at international and Irish practice with regard to partnering with the private sector for development, policy coherence for development and issues around business and human rights. The resulting report, Where Aid meets Trade, was launched at an event with members of the Oireachtas on Wednesday 11 May 2015. The event included a panel discussion hosted by Maureen O'Sullivan, T.D. with Nora Owens, Chair of the Irish Expert Advisory Group, Dr Lorna Gold, Head of Policy and Advocacy, Trócaire and Hannah Grene, Barncat director and author of the report. The report is available online here.


What they said:

"I really appreciated the way that Hannah took time to really work with us in the initial stages of the research to understand exactly what we needed. She listened intently and asked the right questions to clarify our expectations. Throughout the research, her approach was flexible and enabled us to ensure that the work responded to changes in the external environment.  She was always approachable and ready to answer any questions we had. I was impressed by her breadth of knowledge and network of contacts in the international development and business arenas. The final report was very well written and meets our needs exactly. The experience of research with Barncat Consulting is one I would highly recommend."

Dr Lorna Gold, Head of Policy and Advocacy, Trócaire

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