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Christian Aid - exploring links between violent conflict and climate change

Hannah was commissioned by Christian Aid to develop two companion pieces exploring the links between violent conflict and climate change. The first looked at the current research and evidence on the links between conflict and climate change, and made recommendations for use in Christian Aid's global advocacy. The second paper looked at programmes tackling both climate change and conflict in three of Christian Aid's programme countries: Honduras, Mali and Angola, to develop a set of lessons for development practitioners.

What they said:

It has been a pleasure to work with you. Because my attention is typically broken by other tasks I have to attend to, your consistency with respect to keeping track of the substantive issues, meeting deadlines and making sure that key people are engaged with has been essential in bringing us to this stage. Also, I believe in the saying that it is always easier to complicate than to simplify. The way you have approached and presented these complex issues is simple, but not simplistic, which is really what we all want.


Eric Gutierrez, Senior Adviser Accountable Governance, Christian Aid

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