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DanChurch Aid and Norwegian Church Aid- report on climate change and conflict in Mali and Somalia

Hannah was commissioned by DanChurchAid and Norwegian Church Aid to write a report exploring the links between climate action and peacebuilding in Mali and Somalia. The methodology was developed in consultation with the clients and with local staff in Mali and Somalia, who engaged local consultants to carry out extensive primary research. From this primary data, Hannah then produced a comparative report which was published as Winning the Peace: Peacebuilding and Climate Change in Mali and Somalia in June 2020.

What I learned: 

This was a great opportunity for me to delve back into research I had done previously on climate change and conflict, and to help design and analyse some primary research on the topic. Working with the two local consultants was excellent, both achieved impressive results in particularly challenging circumstances. I worked through French with the Mali consultant, which was a good refresher for my professional French. It takes me about twice as long to draft an email in French as in English, leaving me with a newfound respect for all the people I know who regularly work in their second or third language! 

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