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Barncat Consulting works on selected projects in research, advocacy, facilitation and strategic planning, evaluation and review.

Royal Irish Academy - workshop on knowledge co-production

The Royal Irish Academy convened a workshop on knowledge co-production for sustainability for 100 academics and policymakers, and commissioned Hannah to facilitate. Hannah worked with the organising team to design the agenda and structure of the workshop, provided training to the volunteer chairs of breakout groups, recruited a team of ten note takers, and produced the final meeting report. 

What the client said:

We are really pleased with how the workshop went - we could not have done it without you! Your expertise and input in structuring the workshop was incredibly beneficial and made the afternoon hugely productive. The facilitation at the event was super and the scribes were all excellent. 

Dr Paul Bolger, Environmental Research Institute, UCC and lead organiser of the Royal Irish Academy knowledge co-production workshop

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