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Support for strategic thinking.

Hannah is  an experienced facilitator and trainer, helping organisations to work through policy decisions, organisational development and strategic planning. She works with both large groups and small, drawing on the assistance of associate consultants where necessary to provide a full service. She provides face to face facilitation mostly in Ireland, and online services for meetings and events anywhere in the world. Hannah also offers customised facilitation training, to allow staff to run better meetings, consultations and events. 

Resource: Running a fishbowl discussion online

Project Example


In 2023, Barncat worked with the National Biodiversity Data Centre to plan and facilitate two large scale consultation workshops, for 80-90 people each, in Dublin and Limerick. Hannah, assisted by Barncat associate Helen Bartlett, was the lead facilitator for the day. The room in each case was set up 'cabaret style' with round tables facing the front, to allow for lots of small group work. A chair and notetaker were provided at each table, to ensure that all views were heard and captured, and Hannah organised rotating breakout groups based on the World Café method to create some movement and variety during the day. 

What they said

"I just want to say a massive thank you again for all of your hard work and effort to bring the workshops together. It has been a resounding success, and it is a result of your talent and hard work over the last couple of months. Thank you for the time and care you put into organising both days and your continued effort to refine and adapt to make the experience better for everyone. A huge thank you to Helen as well, it was great to have another pair of safe hands to help with everything. 

Martina O’Brien, Invasive Species Engagement Officer National Biodiversity Data Centre

Participant feedback: 

  • Great day and great energy. World Café worked really well in collecting a range of opinions and thoughts.
  • This was my first stakeholder workshop so you have set the bar very high for the next one. Great to have table hosts and note takers, felt listened to and kept us on topic. 
  • Thank you for an excellent day, very well organised and managed. Great to have the conversations, looking forward to seeing the outcomes. Very productive day, well done everyone!

Need some help planning a facilitated workshop? The following link is for Barncat’s checklist for working with a facilitator and planning a in-person workshop.  Or if your workshop is online, here are some tips on how to run a successful online workshop

Resource: Planning a facilitated workshop

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