Barncat Consulting provides high quality research, both quantitative and qualitative.

Barncat Consulting conducts research on a wide range of topics in the human rights and development fields, working with experts on specific areas where necessary. Fields of research have included: business, human rights and development; tax and human rights; violent conflict, peace and development; climate change; land rights; and disability.

Methods of research are carefully tailored to each project in consultation with the client. Our work tends to be largely qualitative, using semi-structured key informant interviews and focus groups, but often includes a quantitative element, for example designing and analysing survey data, or extracting information from large statistical databases. Results are written up in a clear and concise fashion, and we are always conscious of the need to understand and articulate the practical implications of our research for policy and programmes.

Project Example

Oxfam Ireland: Ireland’s corporate tax system and its impact on international development.

Oxfam Ireland commissioned Barncat Consulting to undertake a review of Ireland's corporate tax system in relation to corporate tax avoidance and to analyse EU and OECD reforms and their potential impact. This research was published by Oxfam Ireland in February 2017 as Mantras and Myths: A true picture of the corporate tax system in Ireland.. Barncat benefited greatly from expert input and assistance from Mary Cosgrove, lecturer in tax at NUIG, and former corporate tax accountant and adviser, with a particular interest in the human rights implications of tax systems.

What they said

"Hannah and Mary produced a very well researched and comprehensive document for Oxfam on the technically challenging issue of corporate tax avoidance, on a tight timescale. They both showed well-honed research skills and political awareness in drafting the document. This report has greatly added to Oxfam’s store of expertise on this issue and has been well-received by a broad audience."

Michael McCarthy Flynn, Senior Research and Policy Coordinator
Oxfam Ireland.

Mantras and Myths: A true picture of the corporate tax system in Ireland.

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