Writing for Advocacy

Producing clear, concise and convincing briefs.

Feeling the heatIn addition to conducting original research, Barncat can provide a ‘writing for advocacy’ service, preparing accessible and effective briefings for the development community, or the general public, on the basis of previously conducted research. We can also provide suggestions and mock ups of powerful data visuals to accompany our reports.

Project Example

Trocaire: Feeling the Heat climate change report
In 2014, Trócaire commissioned climatologists at the National University of Ireland Maynooth to produce a report on the current and projected impacts of climate change in some of Trócaire's programme countries around the world. Barncat was then asked to use these findings to prepare a clear, compelling and persuasive briefing for the general public. Feeling the Heat was launched in November 2014, and is available along with the original case study material here.

Briefing: Feeling the heat

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